How To Set up Yahoo Email Account on iPhone?

There is no doubt that Yahoo is an amazing platform where we can perform a lot of operations as compared to other email accounts. Due to its fantastic features embedded into it, Yahoo is utilized by millions of users around the world. Yahoo also provides high-security features that you can use to keep your account safe and secure. If you are unaware of features and want to know more insight details then get in touch with our experts using Yahoo customer service contact number which is toll-free. Here in our blog, we will discuss the account set up of Yahoo email in your iPhone. Have a look at the basic steps that can help you in setting up the account on your own.

Follow the Steps to Set up Your Yahoo Account on iPhone

It might be possible that you are facing problem while setting up your Yahoo email account in your iPhone. In such cases, you must directly approach Yahoo support number where our team welcomes you to assist you in every possible way. Once you get in touch with the technician you will be provided set of solutions to fix the problem or you may get remote access if you need. In remote access you could sit back on your seat and may check the operation he is performing on your device to set up your account. It will not be so difficult to set up your account. You can trust us as we are the leading Yahoo service providers to our customers.

  • First, go to the home screen and click on the Settings icon,
  • Now you need to click on mail, calendar, and contacts,
  • After this, click on Accounts option and then “Add Account”,
  • Now you select yahoo mail from that by clicking on it,
  • Now you need to enter your login credentials and click on Next button,
  • Tap the button which is next to Yahoo,
  • If you want to use existing account then click on it,
  • Finally, click on Save button.

How You Can Reset Your Yahoo Password?

Are you unable to change the password of your Yahoo account using the key or phone number or email address? If yes then you have reached the right platform where you will get a suitable set of solutions. Our technicians provide a profound solution that can help you in eradicating the technical bugs from its roots. So you can use the Yahoo customer service contact number to reset your password without facing any trouble. While creating or sign-up for yahoo you answer some security questions so that in case of emergency you can answer them wisely and may prove your valid identity to Yahoo. This strategy is helpful in recovering the yahoo account if it gets blocked or suspended due to specific reasons or whenever you broke its rules or policies. We are capable of delivering guaranteed solutions right away whenever you reach us out. So, don’t delay in contacting our experts. And it is advised not to try to fix the issues on your own as it could be risky for you.

How to Fix Yahoo Email Not Working in iPhone?

Every individual is busy in exchanging essential data with their customers. Yahoo provides user-friendly interface to its users to perform various tasks over this platform. Yahoo allows users to do their work efficiently and accurately. Yahoo works very well with the iOS services and its devices. iPhone is the choice of many users, there are times when users face technical challenges while working in Yahoo email in this device.  People configure problems in its structure and features when they are new to iPhone or Yahoo email. Therefore if you are unable to work properly on your Yahoo account in iPhone you can unhesitatingly make a call on our Yahoo customer service number.

Resolve the issues in Yahoo While Working With iPhone Device

If you have any problem regarding this application you can anytime get in touch with yahoo experts by dialing Yahoo customer service numberIf you are unable to reach us through the number then you can follow the steps provided below to resolve the errors occurring in your Yahoo account while working on iPhone. iPhone consists of the platform where the app design and architecture is 90% responsive of the time. Rest of the times it behaves impassive and aloof.

Does Yahoo Account Work Well Outside The App in iPhone?

Many times Yahoo app is found flooded with errors and threads. In order to resolve such issues firstly, user needs to check whether your yahoo account is working properly outside the application or not. You can check it by logging in to your device through your laptop or system using the desired web browser. The user needs to create and send email to other email address and wait for it to get delivered. If some error occurs then surely Yahoo mail is not working properly in iPhone as well as in the browser.

Update iOS

You should update the iOS system to perform the steps provided by the Yahoo experts. And to update the iOS follow the steps provided below:-

  • You need to install the new version of iTunes in your system,
  • Now connect the device to your system,
  • Now open the iTunes and choose the device,
  • Now click on the summary option and then click on verify to check there is an update or not,
  • If the update option exist then click on download option,
  • You can provide the passcode if required,

Update the Yahoo email

Yahoo email automatically refreshes its internal system after regular intervals. Which means that it is important for every user to stay updated while using the Yahoo account on a timely basis. You also need to update the application that you are using in your mobile device and you can use the following steps that are as follows: –

  • Go to the app store in the  iOS device and then click on update option which is next to the Yahoo email,
  • There is a probability that the app will be up-to-date but still we need to check it, if there is no option then the application has already been upgraded.

SMTP Server

Once you are done with the updates you can check whether you can work on SMTP Server. To do this you can follow the steps provided by the professionals once you dial Yahoo customer service phone number.

  • You can visit the option of settings and then go to the option of “Accounts & passwords”,
  • Now go to the option of “outgoing mail server SMTP” & “other SMTP servers”,
  • In the rest of the SMTP Servers, the hostname you will see will be “”
  • You will be asked to provide your username along with the password,
  • Now the user has to set the port to and to SSL.

If you are unable to configure and follow these steps then call Yahoo technical support to get immediate solution to your problem without any delay. We will feel glad to help you with fast response and trust us we are leading Yahoo service provider.

What To Do If Your Yahoo Account Got Hacked?

Yahoo is one of the best emailing platform where most of the people keep safe their most sensitive information. Yahoo gives us a user friendly platform on which we can communicate with other peoples easily either for business or personal purposes. Are you using yahoo for your personal information or you are keeping your information safe and secure within your Yahoo account? Do you regularly keep changing your password after a certain time period such as months or weeks? If yes then you can keep away the hackers from your data and information. These days the complaints of hacked accounts are very common. If you are facing once such problem then contact Yahoo customer service number where technical professionals will immediately help you in recovering your account.

Yahoo has also become more active to notice the suspicious activity in the account. If Yahoo sense anything doubtful then an computerized email will be sent to you informing about your last login at particular place or time. If you are not the one who logged in to your account then you must take immediate action to save your account from being hacked. Are you looking forward for the help of a technician to recover your hacked account? If yes then we at Yahoo support phone number can help you with step-by-step solutions at your end.

How Do I Know If My Yahoo Account Got Hacked?

This is the most commonly asked question by the Yahoo users that why they got the information by others that their account has been hacked. Peoples usually wonder how their account got hacked after making their password strong. Below have a look at the enumerated points to make sure that your account has been hacked by the hacker.

  • You must check that your account password has been changed suddenly,
  • Lots of emails have been sent to other peoples who are not even in your contact list,
  • Using your identity spam images and other text have been sent to other peoples,
  • Unexpected accumulated emails in your inbox folder,
  • Your account has been opened through different IP address at some different location,
  • The recovery details of your Yahoo account has been modified such as your alternative email address has been changed or the phone number as well.

How To Recover Your Hacked Account?

You might have heard anyone saying that someone hacked my account and changed the password, such peoples feel quite harassed not being aware of the strategies to recover their hacked account. If you are worried to recover you account then simply dial our toll-free Yahoo customer service phone number to get in touch with the experts anytime to resolve your technical mishaps and issues. Our experts will immediately assist you to recover your hacked account. There are two ways with the help of which you can easily recover your account:-

  • Recovery with the alternate email address,
  • Recovery with the phone number registered on your account..

Have a look at the steps:-

  1. Firstly try to login in to your account,
  2. Type the login credentials that you remember,
  3. Click on forgot password,
  4. Provide the email address that you are using from last few months or any alternate email address that you can check immediately.
  5. Yahoo once recognizes your email address will send the verification code on it.
  6. After getting the verification code enter the new password and you will get back the access.
  7. Use alphanumeric digits and special signs to create new password.

For further information and help don’t hesitate in contacting us through Yahoo customer support numberWe will feel happy to serve you in appropriate way.

How Do I Contact Yahoo By Phone?

As we all are aware of the best emailing platform which is Yahoo serving its customers? Yahoo is a great emailing platform where billions of users spend their time for their official and personal works. Are you one of them who is continuously using Yahoo account for your work and are facing some technical errors? If yes then you are at right path, we are one of the leading Yahoo customer service providers where you will find every solution for the problem related to your Yahoo account. We have gained lot of notoriety among the customers who look for immediate help. We have served our customers in the best possible ways. Whosoever reach us never go disappointed.

What Are The Services Offered by our Experts at Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number?

There are many technical hindrances that may occur when you are working with your Yahoo account some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Unable to sign-in or sign-out of Yahoo account,
  • Unable to recover your forgotten Password,
  • Unable to recover the deleted yahoo emails,
  • Problem in synchronizing Yahoo account in your phone
  • Issues while changing the settings and themes,
  • Recovery from the hacked or suspended account,
  • Failure in attachment or uploading a file,
  • Unable to create a folder in Yahoo email,
  • Trouble in installing Yahoo app to your Smartphone,

In order to handle such glitches and errors you might need a experienced specialist who is capable of handling your problems. You may anytime call us at our Yahoo customer service number and talk with the technical engineers who are well qualified and supportive. We ensure you that once you reach us by dialing our given toll-free number we will rectify the technical errors at once.

If you are searching for “how do I contact Yahoo by phone” then you will get a list of many websites where you can reach the experts by dialing their mentioned phone number. But not all reply to you at once, you might have to call many times to get in touch with them. But there is nothing as such with us. We promise to answer you shortly, we have hired a group of technical representatives who are dedicated to resolve any sort of queries or issues you are having with your Yahoo account. We not only bring excellent solutions at your end but also ensure to give you implemented solutions for future. You can get the proper guidance from our expert as how to avoid the normal mistakes by your side.

We understand the technical hiccups that you are facing could be very confusing and frustrating for you, which is why we recommend most of our customers to avoid resolving them at their own risk to avoid more complex issues. We are here to help you 24/7 hr, all you have to do is to dial our number and tell your problem to the expert. Rest leave on our experts at Yahoo customer service phone number 0800-404-9736, we will handle your error either through the remote access or over the phone call.