Setup BT Email on Outlook

How do I Set Up BT Email on Outlook 2016, 2017

BT Email is one of the optional free email services that come along with BT Broadband service. When you register for BT broadband, you are asked to use BT email address. Well, it is a secure web-based application that is used to integrate with several other services such like contacts and calendar. Apart from emailing, BT services also include Account and billing, broadband, landline, BT sport, Mobile, TV, Email, BT cloud, security. The services are endless and outstanding.

Know How to setup BT email on Outlook 2017, 2018, 2013, 2015 etc, as we all know outlook is one of the most perfect communicable emailing platforms that is being widely used in all different sectors. There are several steps available.

Setup BT email on Outlook; you can follow these steps below:

  • At first, Start Outlook
  • Now click the File tab
  • After that click in the category information Account Settings
  • Now click in the tab email on new option
  • Switch on server settings
  • Click on Next option
  • Select Internet Email Address
  • Now click on Next option
  • After that enter the following data among user data
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your complete email address
  • Now select POP3
  • Now in the box type account below server information
  • Now select POP3
  • After that you can fill out the following information:
  • Enter Incoming e-mail: Incoming port: 110Outgoing e-mail: Outgoing port: 587
  • Now below the login information fill the following settings:
  • Enter your E-mail: your BT Internet email-address Password
  • After that enter your BT Internet email-password Login with security: none
  • After that Click on Test Account Settings
  • Click next
  • Click finish

These are the most convenient and easiest steps that help users in setting up their BT email on outlook perfectly. There are several ways available to access BT email on computer or mobile devices.

How do I set up BT Email on My Computer or Mobile Device?

As we all know, webmail means that your email is being accessed on any website you need. One can access the email online from computer or device that is connected to the internet. Hence, for setting up BT email on My Computer or Mobile Device, take these steps below.

  • Go to
  • Log in using your email username and password via 'Email' link on the navigator bar
  • Now Use an email client
  • Setup your BT email with an email client

Well, this is an email program or application on the computer or device such like Apple Mail, Outlook or Windows mail. Email client applications store your emails locally on your device once they are downloaded. It means you can still read them easily even if your system is not connected to the internet.

For the prominent setup IMAP and POP3 are the protocols that enable users to download several email messages to the computer or devices. Now you can use IMAP with SSL enabled.

In order to set up BT email on your computer, laptop or mobile device, You require:

  • Your BT email address or username
  • The password for your BT email address
  • Device such as iPhone or Samsung 7, etc
  • And which application you use Apple Mail or Outlook for example
  • You also require incoming and outgoing server settings (IMAP/POP3) settings for the BT email service

In order to completely protect email server from any kind of abuse by spammers you are required to have SMTP authentication. You can also switch it on by ticking a box called "My server requires authentication" in your email programs settings.

How to access your BT Mail email account using IMAP? provides email services that can be accessed using IMAP. Users need to follow BT email settings, take a look:

IMAP and POP these two are t he protocols that enables to download email messages to the computer or devices. If you use IMAP or POP, you can open up your email program and highlight the mail account that you want to find out. Now open settings or properties.

IMAP syncs with the BT email server, if there are any changes that you make in your email program, it will appear in your webmail box.

POP3 Settings in BT email: It does not sync with the BT Email server, there are fewer chances, it will not be transferred to your webmail inbox and it could also be lost. If you are going to use webmail and an email client, then we recommend you of using IMAP and SSL enabled services.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer): It ensures the data exchanged between your email client and the BT email server that is encrypted in making everything impossible to steal your username or password. In order to protect email server from any sort of abuse or spam, you are required for sending all emails through email service to have SMTP authentication. Users also get an error 530 failure message when they try to send email messages.

Check out the BT email IMAP settings

  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Port: 993
  • SSL Encryption: Enabled
  • Username: There should be your email address
  • Password: your btinternet password
  • Root folder/path:
  • Folder separator: (Full stop)

Note: You must not enable “secure password authentication: SPA. It is also not needed when you use SSL encryption and it would not work. If your IMAP client supports it, you are recommended to set up these folders: Trash, Drafts, and Sent Items.

The usage of on all platforms requires IMAP and POP3 settings. If there comes any trouble or issue, you can just simply connect with us. The entire team is available to focus on in assisting users for any query or issue. Feel free to contact at the BT customer care number anytime.

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